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Certified Training Overview

  • Certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • 100% Online & Self-Paced
  • 7 Modules
  • 14 Practical Classes
  • 10 Hours of Mentor Coaching
  • 3 Practical Assessments
  • Coaching Library with Videos, Books and Articles
  • 2 Performance Evaluation Recordings
  • Online Discussion Groups
  • Access to Personal Development Tools and Assessments
  • Lifetime access to Rise & Thrive Learning Management System
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What You'll Learn

The Positive Psychology Coaching Programme through Rise & Thrive has been designed to help you easily learn and retain information.
The programme is broken down into 7 modules, each with plenty of resources and tools to help you succeed both during and after completion.

Coaching is an exciting, dynamic and rewarding career path that allows you to truly make an impact on people’s lives. The first step in approaching the profession is to study its foundation, from principles to roles, responsibilities, speciality areas, ethics and the coaching partnership as a whole. The first Rise & Thrive workbook will walk you through the basics, from the types of coaching available to the 4 pillars of the coaching partnership, the 8 stages of coaching and more.

We will explore:

  • The different types of coaching.
  • Coaching and similar services.
  • Modes of coaching.
  • Coaching session timeframes.
  • The roles of a coach.

We will dive into:

  • The TRUST Model. The roles and responsibilities of a coach are in direct relation to the trust developed in a coaching partnership
  • The 4 Pillars of a Coaching Partnership. The four main elements that cement the coach-client relationship and prepare it for achieving favourable outcomes.
  • The 8 Stages of Coaching. Every relationship is customised to support the aspirations of the coachee.

Plus, much more! This module includes a full graded assessment in order for you to lock in the essential information, plus 10 carefully chosen tools to enhance your learning experience.

Once we have laid the groundwork, it’s time to dive into specifics. In the second coaching module, we cover a wide variety of coaching models and techniques. From the 6 Core Values Model to the GROW Model, assessment techniques, evaluation tools and much more, you will extend your foundation and get a better grasp on the hands-on methods used in coaching.

We will explore:

  • Life coaching models.
  • Executive coaching models.
  • Transformational coaching techniques.
  • Goal-setting techniques.
  • Motivation techniques.


We will dive into:

  • The GROW Model. This framework focuses on a coachee’s aspirations, their current life situation and the specific ways they can attain success.
  • The 7-Step ACHIEVE Model. A model that highlights the 5 essential skills of coaching: rapport development, deep listening, creative questioning, sincere feedback and harnessing intuition.
  • The 6 Core Values Model. By working with the 6 core values, a coachee sets a precise direction and purpose for their journey.

Plus, much more! This module includes a fully graded assessment in order for you to lock in the essential information, and 19 carefully chosen tools to enhance your learning experience.

In the third module, we expand on the pivotal role that communication skills have in coaching. Find out everything you need to know to become a powerful communicator as a coach, from the basics of the coach-client conversation to the details of the structured interview and more. Subtopics include blocks in communication, elements of the coaching dialogue and the 5-stage interview model, among many others.

We will explore:

  • Communication fundamentals.
  • Types of communication.
  • Blocks in communication.
  • Elements of the coaching dialogue.


We will dive into:

  • Non-Verbal Communication. By studying the foundation of non-verbal communication, a coach will know how to control their body language to encourage the client to be open and honest with them.
  • Blocks in Communication. Knowing the process, levels and ways in which we communicate is not enough. Coaches need to be well-trained to respond to any blocks in communication that will appear along the way.
  • The 5-Stage Interview Model. Each stage has a specific purpose in facilitating transformation, from creating the optimum environment to following up on actions that were agreed upon.


Plus, much more! This module includes a full graded assessment in order for you to lock in the essential information, and 10 carefully chosen tools to enhance your learning experience.

As a coach’s mission is to guide clients in bringing out their potential and becoming the best versions of themselves, they also require knowledge and skills drawn from psychology. In the fourth module, we will explore the branch of cognitive behavioural therapy and how its principles can be applied to coaching programs by working with thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and behaviour.

We will explore:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy essentials.
  • The Power of Thought.
  • The Effect of Emotions.
  • The Impact of Limiting Beliefs.


We will dive into:

  • Cultivating Emotional Intelligence. Cultivating social intelligence helps people enhance their communication, maintain healthy relationships and deal with potentially stressful interactions.
  • The Impact of Limiting Beliefs. Ultimately, beliefs come to govern our experiences. Research has shown that people with imposter beliefs - chronically feared not being able to maintain their success.
  • The Psychology of Behaviour. In modern-day society, one specific area of interest within the behavioural realm is decision-making. A core skill required for both professional and personal endeavours.

Plus, much more! This module includes a fully graded assessment in order for you to lock in the essential information, and 17 carefully chosen tools to enhance your learning experience.

After deep diving into cognitive behavioural therapy and its contribution to the world of coaching, we will explore several more influential psychotherapy approaches and how they relate to coach-client partnerships. In the fifth module, you will be introduced to different types of therapy.

We will explore:

  • Person-centred therapy.
  • Gestalt therapy.
  • Personal construct psychology.
  • Solution-focused brief therapy.
  • Narrative therapy.
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy.


We will dive into:

  • Person-Centred Therapy & Coaching. One of the most influential psychotherapy approaches in coaching, the approach highlights the importance of the individual in the transformational process.
  • Gestalt Therapy & Coaching. The main techniques appear in the form of experiments, exploring emotions freely and exercises, instruction-based activities to encourage clients to make internal connections via experiencing.
  • Narrative Therapy & Coaching. A narrative approach to coaching is particularly useful when clients feel ‘stuck’ in certain areas of their life and need to experiment with new perspectives in order to move forward.

Plus, much more! This module includes a fully graded assessment in order for you to lock in the essential information, and 14 carefully chosen tools to enhance your learning experience.

Upon completing the comprehensive foundation required to become a competent coach, we break down the four main options for becoming specialised in business industries. In this module, we explore the essentials of the primary business coaching niches.

We will explore:

  • Performance Coaching.
  • Executive Coaching.
  • Leadership Coaching.
  • Business Coaching.


We will dive into:

  • The Performance Coaching Process. A framework that provides a step-by-step process for your clients to shoot for the sky while encouraging, sideline support and holding them accountable.
  • The Flow Model. Flow can lead to improved performance. Researchers have found that one of the major benefits of Flow is that it can enhance human performance in every domain of human work and creativity.
  • The Value Model. A values-based approach begins with identifying and acknowledging one's own deeply held values, which increases self-awareness, empowerment and drive.


Plus, much more! This module includes a fully graded assessment in order for you to lock in the essential information, and 35 carefully chosen tools to enhance your learning experience.

Coaches who aim to specialise in personal life areas invest their energy in forming a soul-to-soul bond with their clients. In addition to cultivating empathy and compassion, we immerse you in the specific tools needed in coaching for personal development.

We will examine:

  • Life Coaching.
  • Relationship Coaching.
  • Health & Wellness Coaching.
  • Career Coaching.


We will dive into:

  • The Transtheoretical Model. A framework for categorising individuals' readiness to change their behaviour which includes stages of change, self-efficacy and processes of change.
  • The Future Self Model. A methodology based on visualisation that assists with decision making, improving motivation, coordination and concentration, bringing a sense of inner empowerment.
  • The Career Coaching Model. A step-by-step process that accelerates and activates your client’s potentialities, capabilities and competencies in order to be ahead of the game.

Plus, much more! This module includes a fully graded assessment in order for you to lock in the essential information, and 20 carefully chosen tools to enhance your learning experience.

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